Week 13 Fantasy Football Rankings

December 5, 2020

Week 13 is here and a lot of playoffs start next week (depending on league formatting)! Have you made the playoffs already? Are you in the hunt? Or are you already looking forward to next year? This is a very important week. If you already made the playoffs, you are now trying to get the proper "Points For" to get the better playoff seeding. If you are in the hunt still, you have a must-win week to get in and gain more points for possible tie-breakers. If you are out of contention, this is your chance to be spiteful by trying to win and keep certain teams out. Whatever your positioning, if you are like me, you are a competitive person and always want to win, unless you are trying to "strategically tank" if your league uses prior year standings to determine next year's draft order. I have finally completed my Week 13 rankings after a very long Week 12. 

Side note: If I was considered in the FantasyPros Expert ranks (I'm not currently because I haven't been submitting to them long enough), I would have placed 2nd for Week 9 RB rankings, 5th for Week 10 RB rankings, 1st for Week 10 DST rankings, and 2nd for Week 12 DST rankings. I also placed 6th for Week 8 Moneyline accuracy and 1st for Week 11 O/U accuracy.

Here are my Week 13 Rankings and CheatSheet. Feel free to leave feedback, comment, or even reach out on Twitter and ask a question. Good luck!