Week 15 Fantasy Football Rankings

December 16, 2020

Week 15 is here and that means we are officially in the Fantasy Football Playoffs! I hope you all have made it into your playoffs. If you did not make they playoffs, hopefully you will be able to avoid any last place punishments.

We saw some monster games from some of the usual fantasy studs and some not-so-good games that turned studs into duds. Hopefully you paid attention to my rankings from last week beacuse I would have placed #3 among the Experts on FantasyPro's Expert Accuracy list. You will not see my name on the Official Accuracy List because I started submitting to them mid-season and have not met the requirments yet to be include on the prestigious list.

I also hope you have been following my BettingPros weekly picks. I am currently #16 Overall and #13 among Experts for Season-to-Date Moneyline Pick with a Win % of 69.49% and 14.60 Units Won. For Week 14, I was #9 Overall and #6 among Experts for Moneyline picks with a Win % of 68.75% and 6.10 Units Won. You can check out my Season-to-Date Moneyline performance here and my Week 14 Moneyline performance here. I will be posting my TNF game picks tonight.

Make sure to always stay up-to-date on player and team news that can be found here. I will also be posting a YAC analysis later in the week that is another great tool to use when you are trying to decide between players to start.

Here are my Week 15 Rankings and CheatSheet. Feel free to leave feedback, comment, or even reach out on Twitter and ask a question. You can also submit player questions through the form on the right side of the page (or below if on a mobile device). Good luck!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don't forget to set your lineups for the BUF @ DEN (3:30pm CST) and CAR @ GB (7:15pm CST) games on SATURDAY!