YAC and YAC/REC Analysis Through Week 13

December 12, 2020

When I am setting up my lineup and making my rankings, I always consider a player's YAC and YAC/REC. By analyzing YAC, you are able to determine which players are more likely to run for extra yards after the initial Air Yards. These are the players that you want if they are receiving the proper target share. To further alanyze YAC/REC, you are then taking into account how many receptions the player has and then seeing the average amount of YAC that they gain per reception. I always think it is a good idea to look at both when making decisions. 2 players may appear even when looking at YAC, but the YAC/REC will tell the difference.

Example: Will Fuller and Amari Cooper both have 295 YAC through Week 13. Fuller also has 879 total REC yards and Cooper has 891total REC yards. Sounds pretty even right? Not exactly. When you take into consideration their Receptions (Fuller: 53; Cooper: 76) and YAC, you find that Fuller averages 5.57 YAC/REC (#67) and Cooper averages 3.88 YAC/REC (#121). What does this tell us? This tells us that Fuller is more likely to get extra yards per reception than Cooper is and might also explain why Fuller has more TDs (8) compared to Cooper (4) beacuse of his ability to break out for more yards after the initial Air Yards because of this field awareness and physical ability. If you were deciding between these 2 players and both were going against a weak Pass D, you should choose Fuller over Cooper, even though Fuller has less receptions because he does more with those receptions than Cooper.

Obviously you are not deciding on playing Fuller since he is suspended for the rest of the year, but they offered a good comparison.

The below YAC and YAC/REC are for players with a minimum of 20 receptions for the year. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.


There is no surprise that Alvin Kamara is leading the NFL this season in YAC with 631 yards. The #2 and #3 spots may be a little surprising though. Cooper Kupp is ranked 2nd with 490 yards and Robert Woods is 3rd with 468 yards. It is crazy to think that 2 WRs from the same team are in the top 3. There are also 2 TEs in the Top 10. Travis Kelce is 4th with 467 yards and Darren Waller is 6th with 430 yards. There are also 5 RBs in the Top 15! Kamara is obviously the highest ranked at 1st, but then J.D. McKissic is 11th (387), Mike Davis is 12th (384), Dalvin Cook is 13th (374), and James Robinson is 15th (360).


When we look at YAC/REC (with a minimum of 20 Receptions), Deebo Samuel is 1st with 12.15 yard. In this category, 13 of the Top 15 are RBs!

#2 - Jonathan Taylor (11.03); #3 - Dalvin Cook (10.69); #4 - Austin Ekeler (9.78); #5 - Alvin Kamara (9.01); #6 - Antonio Gibson(8.75); #7 - James White (8.66); #8 - James Robinson (8.57); #9 - Joe Mixon (8.29); #10 - Rex Burkhead (8.24); #11 - Malcolm Brown (8.15); #12 - Kalen Ballage (7.96); #14 - Clyde Edwards-Helaire (7.80); #15 - Myles Gaskin (7.68)

YAC and YAC/REC Rank Averages

If we take the players ranks for YAC and YAC/REC and average them, we end up with an Elite grouping in the TOP 10. #1 - Alvin Kamara; #2 - Deebo Samuel; #3 - Dalvin Cook; #4 - James Robinson; #5 - Jonathan Taylor; #6 - James White (silent sleeper of the bunch); #7 - Austin Ekeler; #8 - A.J. Brown; #9 - Mike Davis; #10 - Nyheim Hines. All of these players have over 300 YAC and 7.38 YAC/REC.

YAC and YAC/REC are great analytical stats to look at when determining who to start, especially since it is playoff time.

Below, I have included the analysis for all 3 categories listed and also my Week 14 Rankings and CheatSheet. You can also view this analysis in a Google Sheet here. Feel free to leave feedback, comment, or even reach out on Twitter and ask a question. Good luck!


I have included am easy-to-read CheatSheet below.