James Robinson's Week 1 Outlook

September 8, 2021

 James Robinson (RB) - JAX

Picture Credit: ESPN
Picture Credit: ESPN

James Robinson is going to be a Top 10 (0.5PPR) RB this week. Those of you that drafted J Rob in a later round are going to be in a great position since Travis Etienne was placed on IR during the pre-season. Robinson will be the true RB1 in JAC and now has a full season under his belt. The workload is going to be there from the start as JAC looks to improve on their horrendous 1-15 season in 2020. With Trevor Lawrence under center, there should be a good amount of focus on the pass game from opposing defenses this year. Any sort of passing upgrade from last year may seem like it would take away from J Rob's fantasy points, but it will actually benefit him since opposing defenses will have to plan for the passing and running attack. This will cause more openings along the line for J Rob to power through. They can't get any worse than last year (technically I guess they could go 0-17, but I don't see that happening) and with the upgrades on offense, J Rob is poised to have a huge season again.

2020 Performance:

For the 2020 season, J Rob averaged 18 ATT/GM, 83.45 Rush Yards/GM (4.64 Y/A), 0.64 Rush TD/GM, 3.27 REC/GM on 4.09 TGT/GM, 24.18 REC Yards/GM (7.39 Y/R), 0.18 REC TD/GM (5.91 Y/T), 0.09 FUM/GM, and 0.00 FUML/GM, which totaled and average of 17.31 (0.5PPR) Points/GM. He had a measly 9.50 PTS for Week 1 last season, but he was not conditioned or ready for the full-time role. This season, JAC looks better and J Rob has nothing holding him back. He is ready to go and his ceiling is as high as he wants to make it. For Week 1, I currently have him at RB9 0.5PPR, RB7 PPR, and RB10 STD.

Week 1 Outlook vs HOU:

Last season, JAC hosted HOU week 9 after their BYE week. J Rob was rested and ended the game with 25 ATT, 99 Rush Yards (3.96 Y/A), 1 Rush TD, and 0 REC on 2 Targets, which totaled 15.9 (0.5PPR) Points. In the 2 games against HOU last season, he only averaged 11.7 PTS/GM with only 7.5 PTS (his lowest of the season) in their Week 5 matchup. That is odd since HOU D was one of the worst last year. As mentioned above, with the addition of Trevor Lawrence, more opportunities will arise for J Rob. He had a YAC of 394 (28.14 YAC/GM & 8.04 YAC/REC), which ranked 10th best among RBs for total YAC, 10th best for YAC/GM (minimum of 150 YAC), and 18th best for YAC/REC (minimum of 150 YAC). The production and ability is definitely present. I'm excited to see J Rob and this new offense in action this year. It should be a fun ride. 

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James Robinson: 2020 Season Stats (Credit: Myself)