Week 1 YAC Analysis - 2021

September 9, 2021

When I am setting up my lineup and making my rankings, I always consider a player's YAC, YAC/GP, and YAC/REC. By analyzing YAC, you are able to determine which players are more likely to run for extra yards after the initial Air Yards. These are the players that you want if they are receiving the proper target share. To further analyze YAC/GP & YAC/REC, you are then taking into account how many games the player played in and how many receptions the player had and then seeing the average amount of YAC that they gain per game and per reception. I always think it is a good idea to look at these when making decisions. 2 players may appear even when looking at YAC, but the YAC/GP & YAC/REC will tell the difference.

Example: In the 2020 Season, Will Fuller had 295 YAC and Tee Higgins had 304 YAC. Fuller also had 879 total REC yards and Higgins had 908 total REC yards. Sounds pretty even right? Not exactly. When you take into consideration their Games Played (Fuller: 11; Higgins 16), Receptions (Fuller: 53; Higgins: 67), and YAC, you find that Fuller averaged 26.8182 YAC/GP (#31) & 5.5660 YAC/REC (#123) and Higgins averaged 19.0000 YAC/GP (#73) & 4.5373 YAC/REC (#170). What does this tell us? This tells us that Fuller is more likely to get extra yards per reception than Higgins is and might also explain why Fuller has more TDs (8 TDs; 0.7273 TD/GP; 0.1509 TD/REC) compared to Higgins (6 TDs; 0.3750 TD/GP; 0.0896 TD/REC) because of his ability to break out for more yards after the initial Air Yards because of this field awareness and physical ability. If you were deciding between these 2 players and both were going against a weak Pass D, you should choose Fuller (given that he is not suspended...) over Higgins, even though Fuller has fewer receptions because he does more with those receptions than Higgins.

Obviously you are not deciding on playing Fuller since he is suspended for the first few games of this season, but they offered a good comparison. Use this analysis when taking into account player production for last season. I will be posting this analysis each week of this season, so make sure to check back each week for new analysis.

Check out the YAC Top 50 Players, YAC, YAC/GP, & YAC/REC tables and my Week 1 Rankings and CheatCheet below. YAC tables are comorised of the top 250 players based on YAC totals for the 2020 season. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

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